Brightspace Link Checker

Automating link validation

I automated the task of manually validating thousands of links in the Brightspace LMS. Online courses housed in a secure LMS can have hundreds of hyperlinks on HTML pages that point to public websites as means of additional content or supplemental resources for students. Validating those hyperlinks across hundreds of courses, several times year, is a very manual time-consuming process. Hyperlinks break often and this is becoming a growing problem as the number of open learning resources available publicly on the web grows. [Read More]

Content Library App

Automating updates across hundreds of courses

I automated content updates to online course with my Content Library App. Based on my experience of working on several development teams, online courses typically have some content that is the same across all courses. An example of this might be a “Getting Started” module. When there are a few hundred courses and a change needs to be made to this module, updating that content can be tedious and time-consuming. [Read More]

Tool Settings Generator

Automating tool settings in Brightspace

I automated the creation of Brightspace tool settings with a Tool Settings Generator. Courses in the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) often have several quizzes, assignments, and/or discussions with the same settings. It can be a tedious process to create new tools one at a time in the Brightsapce LMS. I always thought there should be a quicker way to create new tools when they all have the same settings. [Read More]