Tool Settings Generator

Automating tool settings in Brightspace

I automated the creation of Brightspace tool settings with a Tool Settings Generator.

Courses in the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) often have several quizzes, assignments, and/or discussions with the same settings. It can be a tedious process to create new tools one at a time in the Brightsapce LMS. I always thought there should be a quicker way to create new tools when they all have the same settings.

To solve this problem, I developed a Tool Settings Generator to allow for the bulk creation of tools for the Brightspace LMS.

The front-end uses Angular CLI to display a reactive form. After the user has completed the form, the data gets sent to a C# .Net Web API to process the data and convert date time formats. All of that data gets translated it to an XML format that Brightspace accepts and the API returns a zip with all of the required XML files, ready for import into the Brightspace LMS.

This is a free tool and is used by McMaster University and others in the Brightspace Community.