API Gateway

Developing a secure API filter

I built a secure way to access and filter the Brightspace API. Brightspace is a password-protected Learning Management System (LMS) developed by D2L. Its purpose is for the administration, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses. Brightspace has an API for third-party integrations, however, it often allows the third-party to access to more data than an organization would like to provide such as student information. To solve this problem, I developed a serverless API gateway paired with Azure Key Vault. [Read More]

Brightspace Link Checker

Automating link validation

I automated the task of manually validating thousands of links in the Brightspace LMS. Online courses housed in a secure LMS can have hundreds of hyperlinks on HTML pages that point to public websites as means of additional content or supplemental resources for students. Validating those hyperlinks across hundreds of courses, several times year, is a very manual time-consuming process. Hyperlinks break often and this is becoming a growing problem as the number of open learning resources available publicly on the web grows. [Read More]